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                首页学校概况English Introduction School of Soil and Water Conservation
                School of Soil and Water Conservation
                Source:School of Soil and Water Conservation     Auther:School of Soil and Water Conservation     Publish-time:2015-06-09    Browse-times:times

                School of Soil and Water Conservation is a research-oriented college at Beijing Forestry University. It is featured with characteristics of distinctive education and outstanding discipline advantages.

                As one of the most time-honored colleges at Beijing Forestry University, the college set up the course of Soil and Water Conservation in 1952 and the major of Soil and Water Conservation in 1958. In 1980, we founded the first department of Soil and Water Conservation in China. Based on much endeavor, it became the first School of Soil and Water Conservation in China in 1992, which so far has been the only School of Soil and Water Conservation in the world.

                The school has three Young-aged Experts with National Outstanding Contributions, two Young-aged Experts with Provincial-level Outstanding Contributions, two candidates of “the National Millions of Talents Project” at the first & second level. There are also three winners of Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth, one National Excellent Teacher, two Outstanding Teachers of Beijing City, one Distinguished Teachers of Beijing City, as well as one Advanced Individual of National Outstanding Contributions of Ecological Construction.

                The school provides three discipline categories including agriculture, science and technology as well as five second-level disciplines including Soil and Water Conservation & Desertification Combating, Physical Geography, Cartography & GIS (Geographic Information System), Structural Engineering, Agricultural Biological Environment and Energy Engineering. There are three majors for undergraduates, namely Soil and Water Conservation & Desertification Combating, Natural Geography & Resource Environment, and Civil Engineering.

                The school has four key laboratories or centers affiliated to provinces or ministries, including the Key Laboratory of Soil and Water Conservation & Desertification Combating of MOE (Ministry of Education), the Key Laboratory of Soil and Water Conservation of SFA (State Forestry Administration), MOE Engineering Research Center of Forestry Ecological Engineering and Beijing City Research Center of Water and Soil Conservation Engineering Technology. It has a National Science Field Observation Station in Jixian County, Shanxi Province and three SFA cyber stations (CFERN) focusing on research of the terrestrial ecosystems orientation in capital circle of Beijing, Jinyun Mountains of Chongqing City and Yanchi County of Ningxia Province, respectively.

                The school has undertaken and completed a number of research projects on educational reform. It has been awarded 2 first prizes of the National Excellent Teaching Achievements, 1 second prize of the National Education Science Outstanding Achievement, 2 first prizes and 4 second prizes of the Provincial & Ministerial Excellent Teaching Achievement. Our college also offers 1 National Top-quality Course, 1 National Video Public Class, and 2 Top-quality Courses of Beijing City. The professional teaching team of Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating has been named the National Excellent Teaching Team.

                In the last decade, the school fulfilled more than 180 projects including the National Key Programs (Support) of Science & Technology, projects supported by provinces and ministries of China, international cooperation projects. At the early stage of "the 12th Five-Year Plan", the school received 63 scientific and technological achievement awards at the provincial and ministerial level or above, including 14 awards over second prizes of the National Scientific and Technological Progress and 4 first prizes, 28 second prizes, 17 third prizes of the provincial & ministerial scientific and technological progress. Furthermore, our college has been awarded a wealth of honors such as the National Science and Technology Advanced Collective, the National Advanced Collective of Soil and Water Conservation, the National Advanced Collective of Sand Prevention, and the National Outstanding and Contribution Award of Ecological Construction, etc.

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